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Jessica Pantoja is a Queer-Mexican Cinematographer. She graduated from a Bachelors in Science in Communications and Entrepreneurship but she decided to pursue a career in filmmaking. She received training in the camera department while working as the only female camera technician in EFD, later earning her the skills to be a camera assistant under talented Mexican and American Cinematographers. She moved to LA to pursue an education as a Director of Photography. She received her MFA with specialty in Cinematography at AFI and became a NAUI certified Underwater Cinematographer and Camera Operator.

Last year her short film “Manners of Dying” screened in several film festivals around the world contending for best Cinematography in some of the most renowned festivals such as CameraImage, Cine Gear Expo and VIZIO filmmakers Challenge 2017. This was also the year when Jessica started a collaboration with NYLON Magazine developing Fashion and Beauty content for the now online publication.

This year marked her collaboration in a variation of projects with Zoe Saldana´s LATINX digital news platform, BESE. And her debut in the music video industry shooting Daphne Willis news single "Hustle" featuring GIZZLE and the collaboration between Juan J Covarrubias and the Mexican electronic band Sotomayor. 2018 was also the year when Jessica came back to work in Mexico as the camera operator on Philip Glass´s most recent documentary.




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